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X-long Gusset Horse Rugs - the solution for broad horses

Posted by Caribu Team on September 17, 2019

X-Long gusset horse rugs - made for broad horses.

Those of us that have broader horses can appreciate how hard it can be to get a horse rug to cater for their extra breadth. For this reason we have designed horse rugs with X-Long gussets to suit the larger, deeper chested/broad horses. Traditionally this has been the Quarter horse and Baroque-type horses that have always suffered with fitting issues and chest rub.

We continually receive great feedback with the longer gusset horse rugs which address some of the common issues with rugging broader horses.

The X-Long Gussets allows for more movement/room in the shoulders and will give a much looser fit in this area when compared to traditional, shorter gusset versions in the same size & cut.

My horse is an average sized Thoroughbred - will a x-long gusset horse rug suit him?

The X-Long gusset horse rugs have been designed for the broader built horses, to provide more freedom of movement in the shoulder area. If your horse is comfortable in rugs with standard gusset sizes, it would not be wise to change to the X-Long Gusset versions. Most Thoroughbreds are taller, longer types. You will likely find using a longer gusset rug will make the rug too loose fitting, allowing the rug to slip back. Our horse rugs are designed to sit well in front of the wither, so there is little pressure on the top chest strap or the horses shoulder area. If the rug doesn't stay well forward and slips back towards the wither you can run into problems with rugs pulling tight in this shoulder area and causing rug ripping and rubbing.

My broad 15hh Quarter Horse usually has to go up a few rug sizes to get a good fit. What size x-long gusset horse rug should I purchase?

Many Q.H owners generally find they have go up a size when using standard gusset rugs to get that extra shoulder room. (which means the rug is generally longer than necessary) If this is the case, we suggest you revert to the correct size rug when switching to a X-long gusset rug. The best way to work out which rug to buy for your horse is to measure the horse as per directions on our Horse Rug Size Guide.

I have a large Clydesdale that needs rugging. Would these X-Long gusset horse rugs suit?

As most Clydesdale owners know - rugging the heavier horse is a hard and costly exercise - as most of these horses need custom made horse rugs. As you can see from some of our X-Long Gusset Neck Combo photos, these rugs will fit some of theses heavy horses well, but others find that they need even more room in the neckline than these rugs cater for. The biggest issue with Clydesdales is that they not only need lots of shoulder room, but they need very deep cut necklines to cater for the very wide necks that most of them have.

Please follow the link to our X-Long Gusset Horse Rugs.