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Which Denier should I look for in my Turnout Horse rug?

Posted by Caribu Team on September 17, 2019

600 Denier, 1200 Denier or a 1680 Denier?

Seems confusing with so many options?
The reference to a horse rugs Denier specification is usually used when describing a waterproof/turnout horse rug's base fabric. The thickness of the individual thread used in the yarn weave is referred to as the denier. The overall weight of the fabric is referred to as GSM (Grams per square meter of fabric)

Essentially the higher the Denier number, the thicker the weave, the stronger the material. Commonly rugs will be 600D, 1200D and 1680D - the higher the number, the thicker and stronger the weave. A 1200 Denier horse rug will cost you around 15% more than a 600 Denier - but a 1200denier will generally be much more durable and potentially have a longer life. Likewise, a 1680 Denier is the King of horse rug fabrics, it is stronger again than a 1200 Denier, but they do come at a cost premium. Additionally, Teflon coatings are often used on 1680Deniers - which improves the dispersal of water and helps reduce staining on the horse rugs.

Waterproofing and breathability will be the same between 600/1200/1680 deniers, they will all use the same style of the waterproof and breathable membrane.

Some customers like 600 Deniers because they are a little lighter than a 1200 or 1680 denier. The actual difference in the overall weight of a 6'0 neck combo between 600D and 1200D in a 6'0 combo is about 0.3kg. Likewise a 1680D will be around 0.2kg heavier than a 1200 Denier. Considering a rainsheet combo is usually around 3.5to 4kg - its not a significant difference.

So many choices in horse rug deniers.

So which Denier is best? It really comes down to your budget, your horse's nature and the environment you are keeping them in. For many, 1200D is the sweet point between price and durability/performance.

Unfortunately, to offer cheaper prices, many importers have reverted to dropping the GSM weight of the denier fabrics - essentially using a thinner fabric, but the same denier rating. Traditionally a 1200 Denier would have a fabric weight of 370gsm. We are seeing more & more competitors that are using lower GSM 1200 & 1680 Deniers. They have dropped the GSM weight down to 300gsm (instead of 370gsm in a 1200 Denier). From a consumer point of view, the fabric looks the same, but its strength and durability will be reduced, as its 20% thinner.

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