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Fitting my horse rug leg straps

Posted by Caribu Team on March 28, 2019

What is the best method to fit my horse rug leg straps?

Are you a crossover, looper or a straighty when it comes to horse rug leg straps?

There are 3 ways to do up leg straps. Most people generally only think of two methods - straight through or cross over. But looping your leg straps may be the best option.

Each method has its own benefits and it comes down to personal choice, the horse in question and the rug you are using. Generally speaking, looping leg straps does help restrict the rug from slipping around so easily. No matter which method you use, always adjust the leg straps equally until there is room for the width of one hand (10 to 15cm) between the leg straps and the horse's inner thigh. This is to allow freedom of movement..

Option 1 - Straight Through

As it implies, you just keep the left strap on the left side and the right strap on the right. This is often the best method if you are layering rugs and have multiple sets of leg straps. (or if the horse in question is a stallion!)

Option 2 - Cross Over

Also simple - left side leg strap connects to the right rear D ring and vice versa for the opposite side. Usually a better arrangement than option 1

Option 3 - Looped

This is the most secure option. First take the left hand leg strap and pass between the horses legs attaching to the rear left D ring. So essentially the first leg strap is attached on the same side. Secondly - take the right hand side leg strap and pass in between the horses legs, but also passing it trough the left hand leg strap and connect it to the right rear D-Ring.

The leg straps are now linked and will act with each other to keep the rug into place. With this setup a good fitting rug have limited movement sideways. If the leg straps are too loose, the rug will still slip. Not recommend for Stallions...for obvious reasons!