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Back Pain In Horses

Posted by Caribu Team on July 2, 2019

Horses can experience back pain as a result of some underlying bone, muscular abnormalities, or a combination of the two. Horses sometimes have a tendency to conceal pain so as a horse owner you are better equipped to see these signs early by knowing your horse. Knowing their moods, work ethics, performances in general will help you better understand your horse when he has pain. You may notice they are grumpier then usual, resisting moving forward when ridden, dipping his back when being brushed over the back, changes in his general gait, such as shorter striding or it just doesn't feel like him usually all of these could be signs your horse is experiencing back pain.

If you suspect that your horse is suffering from back problems, you should ideally make an appointment with your equine veterinarian. Your vet will assess your horse by checking pressure points, walking or trotting them out on the circle watching for any changes in his gait. He may prescribe a treatment or conduct further tests this will depend on each individual horse & symptoms that have been observed.

Having a good relationship with your equine vet is important as they will get to know your horse & this will help with any assessments they make, also being able to call to discuss your concerns will help your vet to better understand any urgency that is required.

Your horse could be experiencing back pain for all sorts of different reasons for example: traumatic injury, poor saddle fitting, arthritis pinching nerve, etc. You will need to find the underlying cause in order to successfully help your horse heal. It's possible that your horse's back pain has a straightforward root cause that you can easily control. A number of horses experience back pain because they are being ridden using saddles that don't properly align with their backs. Other horses may actually have problems with their legs or feet that could be causing back problems indirectly, and your horse's legs or feet will need medical attention of their own.

Back Pain in Horses

Some horses have gotten some relief from back pain through therapeutic massage therapy if the problem is a muscular, your equine physiotherapies will be able to assess & treat your horse as required. This may also require rest with anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve the pain your horse is experiencing.

Depending on the source of your horse's back pain, changing your horse's habits can help. Your horse may require a new saddle with a better fit. If your horse has been out of work recently, an increased level of physical activity could help alleviate some of his or her back pain.

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