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Caribu Vs Kingsley FAQ

Posted by Caribu Team on August 16, 2020

Need to know a little more about the differences between the Caribu and Kingsley branded rugs?

Caribu has been our premium range of rugs since 2006. Skip forward a decade and we are now excited about being able to add the Kingsley brand of rugs to our ever growing range of horse rugs. Kingsley rugs are ideal for the cost conscious horse owner who needs a versatile horse rug that wont break the bank. 

Kingsley rugs share the same legendary Caribu design/fit with a few key differences outlined below.

Please follow the link to our Caribu Ripstop Range.

Please follow the link to our Kingley Ripstop Range.

Comparing Paddock Ripstop Combos

Fabric Weight 240 to 260gsm 300gsm
Ripstop Thread Square Weave Diamond Dual Weave
Ripstop Fabrics Cotton/ Polyester Blend  Cotton/ Polyester Blend
Belly Surcingles No Yes
Fit Same Design Same Design
Drops Standard Longer
Tail Flaps Standard Tent Full Wrap
Leg Straps Dog Clip Style Snap Hook Style
Linings Same Same
Gussets Same Same
Buckles Cast Iron Nickle Finish Cast Iron Nickle Finish


The design differences above also apply to the Kingsley Hybrid and Kingsley Mesh Combos. The mesh used in our Kingsley range is also different, refer to the actual product listing for the applicable mesh weight/gsm.

Will I get the same wear and life from a Kingsley Rug as I do with a Caribu Rug? That depends on your horse and environment! Caribu rugs use heavier weight fabrics and fittings and a come with a range of upgraded extras. This all adds up to a rug that will wear better and stand up to more punishment overtime. Obviously the Caribu rugs are around 30% more expensive than the Kingsley range. If you have a horse who is hard on rugs - Caribu will always be the better choice, but many horse owners find the Kingsley Rugs deliver all they need in a rug at a price point that cant be beaten.